MRI 3 Tesla - New era in diagnostics

3 Tesla MRI is the most sophisticated magnetic resonance imaging device, available for the first time in our country at Acibadem Sistina Hospital. In comparison to the standard 1.5 Tesla MRI, the powerful magnetic field signal and the improved comfort provide numerous advantages for the patient and the doctor.

Unlike other devices, the MRI is a device that does not use ionizing radiation. It is a method that uses a magnetic field during the image creation process. Given that it uses a magnetic field, there are no harmful effects on the patient and his/her health.

Shorter imaging time

The imaging time with 3 tesla MRI is reduced by 30%, compared with 1.5 Tesla MRI. 20-30 images of the brain, liver, heart, kidneys and other internal organs can be obtained in one second. In just two minutes, 3 Tesla MRI produces more than two thousand images that assess the organ function. At the same time, the double power of the magnetic field enables accurate presentation of the internal structures and organs, as well as detection of the changes invisible to 1.5 Tesla MRI.

Silent and comfortable

The Silent technology built into the device drastically reduces the noise during the scan compared to 1.5 tesla MRI. In certain sequences, during scanning of the head, spine and muscle structure it is completely noiseless. The improved patient comfort during the imaging process is made possible with the 70 cm wider cylinder. The comfort is complemented with a wider imaging table with patient load capacity up to 250 kg.

Full body screening with only 1 scan (Total body MRI 3T)

Full body scan can be performed only with the MRI device with a power from 3 Tesla. The imaging consists of 5 parts, by systems and organs and is enabled thanks to the specific program built into the device. As a result, images of the whole body can be obtained in less than an hour. World medical centers use the service “Total body MRI 3P” as the most efficient check-up method for early diagnosis, as well as for evaluation of the condition of all systems and organs, including the blood vessels. 3 Tesla MRI allows presentation of the blood vessels without using contrast agent.

*All scans with the new 3 Tesla MRI device at a promotional discount of 20% until the beginning of March.


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